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Coconut Oil Face Wash Recipe For Clear Skin

Looking for ways to clear your skin of toxins, bacteria, acne, dirt, oil, and dark spots? Well, here is an amazing coconut oil face wash recipe for clear skin worth trying today to help you see instant results. This is a natural homemade face wash that you can make using a few simple ingredients from your kitchen. 

Please note that people with sensitive skin can experience itching, redness, rashes, and other side effects from using baking soda directly on the skin. Please conduct a skin patch test by applying a little bit of this mixture on your arm and watching it for a few hours before applying the following remedy on your face just to be safe.

Coconut Oil Face Wash Recipe For Clear Skin

Coconut Oil Face Wash Recipe For Clear Skin

The following coconut oil face wash recipe contains coconut oil and baking soda as the main ingredients. Coconut oil preserves moisture in the skin, keeps the skin hydrated, reduces inflammation, and increases collagen production in the skin. Baking soda removes the protective barrier of the skin and alters the skin’s pH, this helps reduce bacteria in the skin and prevent acne and infection breakouts.


  • 1 cup of  organic coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 2-3 drops of lavender, lemon, or tea tree essential oil (optional) 

How To Use:

Melt the coconut oil in a microwave for a minute or just until you have a liquid formula, let it cool a little, and add in the baking soda, mix very well until you are left with an even mixture. Apply the remedy on your face and gently begin to massage your face using your fingertips. Make sure not to get the face wash around your eyes. Let the coconut oil mixture sit on your face for 20 minutes before washing it off.

Baking soda causes dryness on the skin and in most cases, due to the coconut oil, you won’t need to apply a moisturizer after doing the face wash but if you feel that your skin is extra dry after using this face wash, try to apply some aloe vera gel on your face. Note that people with acne-prone skin should refrain from applying aloe vera gel after using the coconut oil face wash recipe.


Use this coconut oil face wash recipe for clear skin twice per week to see awesome results. Eating the right foods and removing sugar from your diet, eating green vegetables and fruits are all ways of getting amazing skin as well. Cleaning the body from the inside will make it look great on the outside!

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