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Fastest Way To Burn 1000 Calories

Below are tips on the fastest way to burn 1000 calories fast at home using simple tips and tricks. These methods do not include paying for diet pills or using over-the-counter medications, they are fast and will definitely get you the results you want in no time!

Burning calories usually sounds complicated but the fact of the matter is you only need to work out longer and harder to burn any amount of calories you want. Continue reading below…

Fastest Way To Burn 1000 Calories

Fastest Way To Burn 1000 Calories

Walking for 6 to 7 hours at a fast pace daily can certainly help you lose more than 1000 calories per day but even we know that it is just not possible for most people with busy schedules. This leaves us with other workouts or exercises like jumping rope or running to be able to lose 1000 calories per day.

Calorie Burning

everyone burns calories differently from others, it really depends on the amount of fat you have or how fast your metabolism burns fat. The amount of muscle mass in your body also depicts how many calories your body is capable of burning daily.

The heavier you are, the more calories you are capable of burning per day. There are some home remedies that can help you lose weight fast which you can read more about here.


Running is one of the fastest ways to burn high amounts of fat due to the fact that it requires a lot of energy and when you use energy, you burn fat. Most people jog instead of running but the fact is, if you want to burn 1000 calories a day, your main weapon of choice should be running.

A simple trick to burn more calories through running is by running uphill at 5 miles per hour, depending on your weight, you can burn up to 900 calories in just 1 hour.


Did you know that jumping rope is considered to be one of the highest calorie burners? You heard that right, you can actually burn up to 15 calories per minute just by jumping rope. If you weigh 185- 200 pounds, it will take you exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes to burn 1000 calories just by jumping rope!

A neat way to burn more calories when jumping rope is by jumping higher and faster, yes it is nearly impossible if you are a beginner but you can slowly and steadily work your way up. Why not go ahead and start burning fat by jumping rope today?

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Riding A Bike Or Cycling

Riding a bike or cycling is not as effective as running or jumping but it can be if you are ready to put in the work. Riding a bike at a regular pace will not yield you any real results. If you want to burn 1000 calories fast, you will have to cycle at a speed of 16 miles per hour for up to 100 minutes.

However, you if cycle uphills at high speeds, you can definitely burn 1000 calories in about 1 hour and a half.

Interval Training

It is almost impossible to try to burn 1000 calories through jumping ropes, swimming, running, dancing, or cycling in a single session, this is where interval training comes in. Interval training is simply when you do high-intensity exercises for a short period and rest a little bit then start again.

This is a very effective method used mostly for people that are overweight or obese because they don’t have the strength or the ability in the beginning to accomplish long periods of workouts. Interval training can help you burn a lot of calories very quickly.

Whatever your workout choice is, interval training can be an effective weapon in your weight loss arsenal. A common example would be, running very fast for 2 minutes, resting for 1 minute, and starting over.


It is recommended by many fitness experts that you need to take it easy in the beginning when trying to lose weight through workouts. Taking it slow and working your way up to losing 1000 calories per day to decrease your risk of injury or dehydration.

A simple method that is very effective is dividing your workouts, instead of trying to burn 500 calories in one exercise, try burning 250 in the morning and 250 in the evenings.


There you have it! The fastest way to burn 1000 calories at home fast using simple techniques. If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it and also follow us on Pinterest for more helpful tips.