60 Simple Instant Pot Rice Recipes Worth Trying This Year

Below are 60 simple instant pot rice recipes worth trying this year! These recipes are easy to make and they do not require a whole lot of ingredients. You can start making them right away even if you are on a budget. Instant pot recipes are great for making ahead of time especially if you are busy and short on time.

No matter what your taste is or if you have picky little eaters at home, you will find something just right for you and your family in the following list. To get the full recipe of your choosing, simply click on any of the links below and it will take you to the original recipe. Please note that I am not the owner of the following recipes, I simply collect the ones I think are awesome and share them with my readers.

Simple Instant Pot Rice Recipes

60 Simple Instant Pot Rice Recipes Worth Trying This Year

When using pressure cookers for your meals, please choose the right settings based on your recipe. This is because setting your instant pot on high or low pressure for certain foods can actually make your food turn out wrong. When choosing among the recipes below, make sure you read the instructions of the instant pot settings and how long it requires to cook correctly.

The best part about using pressure cookers to cook your meals is that you can grab whatever it is that you want to cook from the freezer and throw it into your instant pot right away without thawing. One last tip for you when using pressure cookers is to refrain from checking on your food. No matter how tempting it is, try not to.

10 Healthy Instant Pot Rice Recipes

Below are 10 healthy instant pot rice recipes that you can try if you are on a diet or simply trying to lower your calorie intake and lose a little bit of weight. These recipes are simply yummy and you won’t regret trying some!

1. Healthy Instant Pot Fried Rice
2. Golden Instant Pot Chicken and Rice
3. Rice Pilaf with Chickpeas
4. Vegan Mushroom Dirty Rice
5. Quick Coconut Rice
6. Vegan Jamalaya
7. Turmeric Jasmine Rice
8. Teriyaki Turkey and Rice
9. Lentil Very Brown Rice
10. Turkey Wild Rice Soup

10 Vegetarian Instant Pot Rice Recipes

As you can see there is something in here for everyone, if you are a vegetarian, you are going to love the following recipes. Simply click on the link to the recipe you want to try, and it will take you directly to the site!

1. 5-Ingredient Rice and Beans
2. Cilantro Lime Rice
3. Healthier Veggie Fried Rice
4. Instant Pot Rice and Vegetables
5. Vegan Burrito Bowls
6. Wild Rice with Mushrooms
7. Vegan Tex-Mex Rice
8. Cheesy Rice and Vegetables
9. Red Beans and Rice
10. Lemony Rice and Vegetable Soup

10 Asian Instant Pot Rice Recipes

If you love Asian food, you are going to love the following Asian instant poot rice recipe. These recipes are spicy and tasty so get ready to pack some heat when trying any of the following recipes.

1. Garlic Fried Rice
2. Chinese Style Sticky Rice
3. Healthy Chinese-Style Brown Rice and Vegetables
4. Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables
5. Instant Pot Sushi Rice
6. Chicken Fried Rice
7. Chinese Chicken and Rice
8. Asian Vegetable Schezwan Rice
9. Sesame Ginger Rice
10. Asian Chicken and Rice Soup

10 Mexican Instant Pot Rice Recipes

Know that’s what I’m talking about! My favorite kinda yum! Sick of eating tacos? These Mexican instant pot rice recipes are definitely worth trying!

1. Instant Pot Spanish Rice
2. Mexican Beef Rice
3. 15-Minute Instant Pot Mexican Rice
4. Vegan Mexican Rice
5. Mexican Casserole
6. Mexican Chicken and Rice
7. Mexican Rice with Corn and Black Beans
8. Mexican Fiesta Rice
9. Mexican Rice Casserole
10. Fluffy Mexican Rice

10 Indian Instant Pot Rice Recipes

You all know what’s about to happen when you choose to go Indian! All those amazing flavors combined to give your home a mixture of aromas! What can go wrong by doing some Indian cooking every once in a while eh?

1. Indian Vegetable Rice
2. Jeera/Cumin Rice
3. South Indian Rice and Lentils
4. Quick and Easy Pilau Rice
5. Chicken Biryani
6. Yellow Turmeric Rice
7. Indian Chicken Pulao
8. South Indian Tomato Rice
9. Vegetarian Biryani
10. Curried Chicken and Rice

10 Beef and Chicken Instant Pot Rice Recipes

Last but not least, if you want to increase your iron and protein intake, you definitely want to try some of the following beef and chicken instant post rice recipes!

1. Chicken Souvlaki Rice
2. Red Beans and Rice with Chicken Andouille Sausage
3. Beef Rice Pilaf
4. Beef Fried Rice
5. Cheesy Ground Beef and Rice
6. Lemon Chicken Breast and Rice
7. Garlic Herb Chicken and Rice
8. Chicken Broccoli and Rice
9. Korean Beef and Brown Rice
10. Russian Garlicky Beef and Rice


There you have it! 60 Amazingly simple instant pot rice recipes that you can try at home for your family this year! If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share it with your friends on Pinterest and I would love it if you would follow me there as well. Until next time, stay awesome and kicking!