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What Is Blue Zone Diet And How Does It Work

Do you want to live to be 100 years old? Well according to a new study on the blue zone diet, people in certain parts of the world have been following this diet plan to increase longevity!

Not only does this diet claim to increase the human lifespan, but it is also said to help prevent or reduce the rate of heart problems, diabetes, cancer, and what you came here for obesity!

According to Dan Buettner, author of Blue Zones people in countries like Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, and California are getting great results with this diet.

Blue Zone Diet And And How Does It Work

Simply put, the blue zone diet like every other diet comes with rules and guidelines, reduce the intake of certain foods while increasing the intake of others. With this diet, you have 6 main rules that you need to follow:

  • Reduce food intake
  • Limit Meat Intake
  • Limit sugar intake
  • Limit mercury intake
  • Increase plant-based foods
  • Drink more tea & wine

Let’s take a look at each rule below:

Limit Meat Intake

The blue zone diet, you are not allowed to consume meat regularly, most of your protein should come from plants instead. You are only allowed to eat meat about 5 times per month and the amount is also less than 2 ounces!

The Blue Zone diet requires you to eat mostly foods like whole grains, fruits, beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Most blue zone residents consume about 2 ounces of nuts and half a cup of beans daily.

Tea & Wine

With the blue zone diet, you can only consume 4 main drinks which are tea, coffee, wine, and water. With that being said, blue zoners consume mostly tea and red wine 3-4 times per day.

To succeed with the blue zone diet, you will need to drink more water and get rid of soda intake altogether. having red wine with your meals will have to be your new go-to drink!

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Plant-Based Milk

With the blue zone diet, everything made with cow milk is limited. Eggs are also consumed less than 2 times per week and they are mostly used in cooking instead of direct consumption.

Sheep and goat milk products along with plant-based or nut-based milk, yogurt, and cheese are favored alternatives when on the blue zone diet.

Limit Mercury Intake

This does not mean to eat less fish, in fact, it is the opposite! With the blue zone diet, you can eat fish or seafood up to 3 times per week but you will need to eat only seafood with less mercury.

Sardines, Cods, and anchovies contain way less mercury than other seafood which makes them perfect for those on the blue zone diet! You can also follow this seafood guide to decide which ones are right for you.

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Limit Sugar Intake

According to the American Heart Association, women should only consume about 6 teaspoons and men 9 teaspoons of sugar daily for optimal health. With the blue zone diet, you will have to follow those guidelines as well.

One of the easiest ways to prevent eating sugar is to decrease your intake of processed foods and eat healthy meals. You can also prevent sugar consumption by increasing fluid intake and eating smaller meals plus fruits throughout the day.

Reduce Food Intake

One of the main rules of the blue zone diet is to stop eating as soon as you feel about 80% full which helps prevent overeating. The Okinawans make it a habit of eating mostly home-cooked meals instead of fast or processed foods and they eat very large breakfasts!

Note that eating less can keep your digestive tract and heart veins healthy.

Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Below are some of the best tips that you can follow when trying to lose weight no matter which diet you are on. These tips will help you start seeing results quickly and also help you stay healthy.

  • Put down your fork after every bite
  • Always chew your foods properly and eat slowly
  • Stop eating as soon as you feel full
  • Eat more of your foods during early hours
  • Eat large breakfasts
  • Eat less at dinner time
  • Increase fruits intake
  • Eat fewer foods made from white flour
  • Eat and drink less sugar
  • Use olive oil instead of regular oil


Starting the blue zone diet can feel a bit overwhelming but I recommend that you take your time and start to incorporate small changes into your lifestyle instead of making drastic changes.

Focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle instead of weight loss can help you reach your goals and live longer. At the end of the day, this blue zone diet is similar to diets like the OMD plan and the planetary diet, therefore, you can expect to get good results by choosing to follow this diet plan.

What Is Blue Zone Diet And How Does It Work