How To Cleanse Your Colon With A Salt Water Flush

Below is one of the best salt water flush recipes that you can make and use at home to cleanse your colon and shed a few extra pounds around the waistline. Doing a colon cleanse is also very important to help you rid your body of harmful toxins and free radicals. 

This easy DIY salt water flush is also very effective in helping you reduce constipation symptoms. If you are like me and have tried every remedy there is to reduce constipation symptoms with no results, this recipe is for you! You should be able to empty your bowels in less than 30 minutes after using this flush! 

As always, I highly recommend checking with a healthcare professional if you have any health conditions or are on medications for diabetes, kidney problems, or heart problems.

How To Cleanse Your Colon With A Salt Water Flush

How To Cleanse Your Colon With A Salt Water Flush

Did you know that you should be having up to three bowel movements daily? Anything less than that is called constipation. Most of the time, constipation occurs because of a lack of fiber, dehydration, or a poor lifestyle. But it can also be caused by certain medical conditions, drugs, or supplements.

A salt water flush or salt water cleanse helps you to cleanse your colon along with your digestive system, by inducing a fast bowel movement. Salt affects the muscles and nerves in the digestive tract and makes them contract, therefore, pushing waste out of the colon.

Once you are able to empty your colon of stored waste, you will also eliminate toxins and improve your digestion almost instantly. Drinking this DIY flush will wake up your liver’s detoxifying capabilities and remove accumulated waste from your bowels.

Remember, an impacted bowel causes low energy levels and overall fatigue, therefore, this remedy will help restore balance in your gut and increase your energy levels fast! This easy flush is certainly cheaper than laxative tea and colon-cleansing drugs.

How To Cleanse Your Colon With A Salt Water Flush

Salt Water Flush Recipe

This remedy requires a simple mixture of non-iodized salt and water. You may add some fresh lemon juice but it’s completely optional. This remedy is fast acting therefore, you can expect to have a bowel movement in less than 30 minutes.


  • 4 cups of water
  • 2 teaspoons of sea salt (or pink Himalayan salt)
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (optional)

How To Do The Salt Water Flush

Warm the water to room temperature and mix in the salt, stir until the salt dissolves and add in your lemon juice. Drink as much as you can right away as soon as you mix it. Make sure that you drink the mixture early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Make sure you take less than 5 minutes to drink as much as you can of the mixture, next, you may want to find a flat surface to lay down flat. The goal is to try to hold the liquid in for at least 30 minutes before going to the bathroom. That said, if the urge is too strong, don’t try to fight it.

You may want to stay close to home when doing this flush because you are likely to have more than one bowel movement after drinking this remedy.

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Is The Salt Water Flush Safe

Doing a saltwater flush occasionally will not do you any harm. This remedy does not have any harmful side effects but it may sometimes leave you feeling a little drowsy. If you are healthy and do not have any existing health issues, a saltwater flush is safe to perform every once in a while.

Who Should Not Do The Salt Water Flush

People with existing medical conditions should always consult with a doctor before trying any home remedy. If you are pregnant or suffer from any health problems such as diabetes, edema, kidney problems, high blood pressure, IBS, or GERD, please refrain from using this DIY colon flush.

Benefits Of The Salt Water Flush 

This flush will help detoxify your body, relieve constipation fast, help you get rid of a few extra pounds of water weight, cleanse your colon, and remove stored waste from your colon. It is known as a natural fast-acting laxative that gives fast results.

How Long Does The Salt Water Flush Last

It takes less than 30 minutes for your body to absorb the salt so if done properly, you will feel the urge to go to the bathroom within 30 minutes of drinking this remedy.

Does The Salt Water Flush Help With Bloating?

Yes, according to Medicalnewstoday, this flush will help you get rid of bloating, and constipation, and detoxify your body. When combined with juice fast, it can work effectively and faster.

Side Effects Of The Salt Water Flush

Drinking salt water in large quantities will cause sodium overload. This is a serious health problem that can lead to weakness, heart blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, confusion, and seizures. Pubmed recommends taking some probiotics for a few days after a salt water flush just to be safe.

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How Often Can You Do The Salt Water Flush?

This flush should not be done on a regular basis. Once per month is quite enough to cleanse your colon. Remember, drinking or eating too much salt can have extreme side effects on your health, therefore, only perform this flush when you are extremely constipated.


Now you know how to make and use your very own cleansing water flush at home using a few ingredients. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow me on Pinterest for more awesome posts.