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6 Serious Side Effects Of Prunes

Prunes are soo delicious and nutritious! They are filled with essential vitamins and minerals that enhance digestive system functions. However, consuming a lot can actually cause a negative reaction. Read on to learn about the 6 serious side effects of prunes worth knowing if you eat them often.

PRUNES NUTRITION FACTS: 174 grams (1 cup of pitted prunes) contains 414 calories| 1273 mg potassium| 12 grams of dietary fiber| 3.8 grams of protein| 66 grams of sugar| 111 total carbs| 8% iron| 20% vitamin B6| 7% calcium| 17% magnesium| & 1% vitamin C.

6 Serious Side Effects Of Prunes

6 Serious Side Effects Of Prunes

When thinking of prunes, you think of constipation right? Well, it’s true, thanks to high amounts of dietary fiber, eating prunes before bedtime will help regulate bowel movements but that’s not all. Prunes are a great source of vitamin B6 which helps keep your brain, immune and nervous system healthy.

However, eating a lot of prunes can cause unwanted side effects such as diarrhea, weight gain, gas, bloating, and dark stools, it can be toxic, and lead to laxative dependency. Let’s go more in-depth:

1. Acrylamide

Acrylamide is a chemical reaction that happens when food is cooked at high temperatures. According to FDA, eating a lot of fried foods, baked goods, and roasted foods can be highly carcinogenic. Foods that are carcinogenic have the potential to cause cancer.

Prunes contain high amounts of acrylamide, when tested on animals, dried prunes were found to be highly carcinogenic. That said, it is safe to eat up to 2 fresh prunes fruit per day without causing a negative impact on your health. 

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2. Causes Diarrhea

Prunes are very high in dietary fiber and a laxative compound called sorbitol which makes them amazing for people who suffer from constipation. This is because dietary fiber acts as a natural laxative by softening stools. When eaten in large quantities, prunes can lead to diarrhea.

People with diarrhea should also refrain from eating prunes due to their natural laxative effect. Another reason why you may experience diarrhea is because of fructose intolerance. Prunes are very high in sugar which affects those with fructose intolerance.

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3. May Lead To Weight Gain

Prunes are high in calories and sugar, a single serving contains 137 calories and 22 grams of sugar. That sure is a little on the higher end. Prune juice is also high in calories, 1 cup of fresh prune juice contains about 185 calories. Eating high-calorie foods with high sugar content can elevate blood sugar levels.

Foods that elevate blood sugar levels can cause you to gain weight. Even though prunes are high in fiber, (known to aid weight loss), consuming high-fiber foods without drinking enough water can have the opposite effect.

4. Cause Gas And Bloating

The carbs and sugars found in prunes are very complex and are not broken down completely within the digestive tract. When sugar reaches the colon, bacteria start to feed on it which leads to intestinal gas and bloating. You can expect to experience a lot of farting as well after eating prunes.

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5. Cause Laxative Dependency

Due to sorbitol, a laxative compound found in prunes, they are mostly consumed to provide constipation relief. However, relying on prunes for constipation can have negative side effects such as laxative dependency after using it long-term. Laxative dependency is a serious problem for those with constipation and should be prevented.

6. Cause Dark Stools

Eating too many prunes or drinking prune juice may lead to dark stools. This is because of their color and iron content. Consuming iron-rich foods in moderation does not cause dark stools but when you can expect to experience this common side effect by eating a lot of prunes. 


Eating prunes in moderate amounts will not cause any major side effects, however, when consumed in large amounts, prunes may have side effects such as diarrhea, dark stools, gas, and bloating. It may also cause weight gain and can be toxic.

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6 Serious Side Effects Of Prunes