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20 Surprising Foods High In Carbs To Avoid

Below are 20 surprising foods high in carbs to avoid if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Losing weight by eating foods high in protein+fat and low in carbs is what researchers are telling us we need to be doing to live longer and stay healthy.

That said, a lot of people think that only foods like pasta, potatoes, and bread are foods that are highest in carbs but you will be surprised by some of the foods on the list below that contain up to 5x more carbs than pasta!

20 Surprising Foods High In Carbs To Avoid

20 Surprising Foods High In Carbs To Avoid

In no particular order, here are the foods you need to avoid when on a low-carb diet or trying to lose weight.

1 Date

4 Dates = 74 grams of carbs-Dates are very high in carbs and what’s worse is that you can eat a whole cup without even noticing. If you really need to eat them though we recommend sticking to 1 small piece per day so that you leave room for other foods with carbs you eat.

2 Quinoa

1 Cup of Quinoa = 39 grams of Carbs– Although Quinoa is filled with protein and fiber, it is also high in carbs. We recommend you eat quinoa with caution and not fill your plate with it. Add it to side dishes by sprinkling a spoonful over your salads, yogurt, or omelets.

3 Mango

1 Small Mango = 50 Grams Of Carbs– Known as one of the highest carbs fruits, You definitely want to stay away from mangos when trying to lose weight or following a low-carb diet. These delicious little bad boys can make you put on pounds so fast, you won’t even know what hit you! If you can’t live without eating mangos, well, they should be your only carb intake for the rest of your day.

4 Smoothies

A 15 Ounce Bottle of Smoothie = 55 Grams Of Carbs– Weight loss Smoothies are huge nowadays due to the fact that it is the easiest way to consume a full low-calorie meal packed with nutrients and vitamins. That said, depending on the ingredients of the smoothie, you can easily consume a whole day’s worth of carbs without even knowing it.

We recommend you use leafy green veggies in your smoothies instead of high-calorie sugar-filled fruits to lessen the number of carbs you consume.

5 Sweet Potato

1 Cup Of Cubed Sweet Potatoe = 41 Grams Of Carbs– Although sweet potatoes are high in carbs, they are actually low on the glycemic index and rich in fiber which helps suppress hunger pangs and lower your appetite. We recommend you eat it with caution and only eat it baked, roasted, or boiled.

6 Sandwich Wraps

1 Sandwich Wrap= 36 Grams Of Carbs– Not only do sandwich wraps contain high amounts of carbs, but they are also loaded with fat as well so if you are on a low-calorie diet, we recommend you be careful of how much tortilla wraps you eat.

7 Soda

1 12 oz Soda= 40 Grams Of Carbs– You already know that soda is very bad for your health, they are very high in preservatives, added sugar, and artificial flavoring. All of which can cause numerous life-threatening health conditions and to top it all off, it’s loaded with carbs! We recommend you make your own healthy fruit-infused waters at home to stay healthy.

8 Adzuki Beans

Half Cup Of Adzuki Beans = 43 Grams Of Carbs– Beans are usually great sources of vegetable protein and fiber that said they are loaded with carbs especially adzuki beans. We do not recommend you avoid eating beans because they help promote a healthy digestive system and they help stabilize blood sugar levels.

9 Low-Fat Candy

1 Small Low Fat Candy Serving = 50 Grams Of Carbs– Just what the name sounds like, candies! It is nearly impossible to make low-fat or low-calorie candy no matter how hard you try! Apart from the fact that these candies contain artificial flavoring and preservatives, they are high in carbs and high in calories! If you need to eat sweets make a bowl of rice pudding at home!

10 French Fries

1 Serving= 63 Grams Of Carbs– French fries are yummy but they will grow your tummy! Not only are these bad boys full of carbs, but they will also cause inflammation! We recommend you never eat french fries not even if your life depended on them because of just 100 grams of french fries = 312 calories!

11 Raisins

1 Small Box Of Raisins = 34 Grams Of Carbs– Similar to dates, raisins are filled with carbs and high in calories so you need to be very careful if you have to eat them. We recommend 4-5 pieces per day only if you really have to eat them.

12 Bagels

1 Medium Bagel = 55 Grams Of Carbs– It is so easy to consume 2000 calories a day just from eating foods like bagels, muffins, pies, pizza, etc. That is why you need to be careful when choosing what you eat because not only are bagels loaded with carbs they contain over 250 calories and packed with added sugar!

13 Muffins

1 Large Muffin = 74 Grams Of Carbs– It’s true, a single large muffin has way more carbs than 5 slices of bread! You should also get ready to hear that it has over 500 calories too, that is why we recommend you make your own muffins using low-calorie ingredients instead of buying commercially made muffins.

14 Bananas

1 large Banana= 35 Grams Of Carbs– Although they are high in carbs, bananas are actually filled with nutrients and minerals like magnesium. Bananas do a very good job in helping you build lean muscle mass and they also the body release stored fat. So even though they are high in carbs, we do not recommend you stop eating them.

15 Pies

1Piece of Pie= 43 Grams Of Carbs– Yes you heard that right, a small piece of delicious pie will get you in carb jail! And you don’t want to forget about all the added sugar too. An innocent piece of the pie has more carbs than a bowl of pasta! Just let that sink in a moment.

16 Cranberry Sauce

Half a Cup Of Cranberry Sauce = 56 Grams Of Carbs– Did you know that apart from how high they are in carbs, these bad boys will have you packing up to 220 calories and 48 grams of sugar? That being said, you can’t live your life trying to avoid every single food on the planet so we recommend you have a teaspoon full 2-3 times per week if you really have to!

17 Pizza

1 Slice Of Plain Pizza = 36 Grams Of Carbs– Not mentioning the cheese topping, a tiny slice of plain pizza alone can have you storing 36 grams of carbs. We Say Kick pizza to the curb if you want to lose weight!

18 & 19 Apples & Applesauce

1 Cup Applesauce= 46 grams of carbs and 1 medium Apple = 36 grams of carbs– As much as we’ve heard the term “an apple a day, keeps the doctors away” You will have to pay close attention and keep it to 1 small apple a day when on a low carb diet. Applesauce, on the other hand, is definitely a BIG NO! We recommend you stick to green apples instead.

20 Energy Bars

1 Energy Bar = 45 Grams of Carbs– Energy bars are filled with carbs even the ones that are labeled as low-calorie. Not only are they filled with carbs, but they also come loaded with artificial flavoring, preservatives, and other chemicals that can do more harm than good.


So those are the foods high in carbs to avoid if you want to lose weight fast. If you liked this post or found it helpful, please take a moment to share it and if you have the time, follow us on Pinterest for more helpful tips.