10 Reasons Why Curly Hair Is The New Neat

Having curly hair can be a blessing in disguise but most people with curly hair don’t appreciate their God-given gift. They’re either using hair straighteners or always on the hunt for products to change the way their hair looks. If you’re one of those, maybe this post will make see your curls differently. Here are 10 reasons why curly hair is the new neat!

I’ve had curly hair my whole life and yes, I can relate to the fact that it’s sometimes difficult to deal with the messiness of it.

I also know that washing and conditioning is a must to get that full voluptuous look and bounciness but those are the only downside compared to the positives.

What I like about curly hair is that you never have to worry about losing your hair density and they are also the most beautiful hair textures ever.

Curly hair has tons of benefits that people with straight hair only wish for! Want to know what these are? Here is a list of why curly hair texture is a blessing in disguise:

10 Reasons Why Curly Hair Is The New Neat

1. Curly Hair Is Always Full Of Volume

Hey, guess what? Thinning hair isn’t on your list of problems! Curly hair is like having a built-in volume booster. It’s always got that bounce and never goes all limp and lifeless, even after an oiling session.

So, while others are busy hunting for ways to puff up their hair, you can just let your curls do their thing and bounce right into that perfect look.

2. Wash Your Hair Whenever You Want 

Let’s talk about keeping those locks fresh and fabulous! Honestly, washing your hair can be quite a chore, no matter the length.

But guess what? Curly hair comes with a superpower! You don’t need to stress about frequent washes. You could rock that “unwashed” look for a whole week, and trust me, nobody’s gonna bat an eye!

3. You Don’t Need To Brush

So, here’s the scoop on brushing those luscious curls, it’s a bit more of a dance than with straight hair. When you do decide it’s brush o’clock, make sure to grab the right combs and give your hair some good lovin’ with conditioner before you get to work.

But here’s the silver lining: curly hair doesn’t demand the same brushy attention that straight hair does. You can even tie it up in a cute little band, and it’ll still rock that cute and presentable vibe.

4. It’s Always Unique 

You know what’s cool? Curly hair has this magical ability to switch up your whole vibe just by changing how you style it! No need to stress about piling on accessories or experimenting with a bunch of different hairstyles every single day.

Just toss your hair up into a cute, carefree messy bun, and voila! You’ll be stealing the spotlight like it’s no big deal.

5. It Holds Hairstyles Better

With curly hair, you’re like a hairstyling pro without even trying! You can rock all sorts of hairstyles without reaching for that hairspray. Plus, your ‘do stays put, no matter how crazy your day gets.

While others are fussing with a million hairpins and fancy products, you’re over here, keeping it simple with just one trusty rubber band!

6. Straightening Your Hair Is Not So Hard

There are all sorts of tools out there for different hairstyles, but if you’ve got curly hair, you’re kinda in luck. It’s way easier to straighten those curls than it is to curl up straight hair. So, if you decide to go sleek and straight, you can enjoy that perfectly smooth look until your next wash!

7. It’s Easier To Enjoy

If you’re the kind of person who likes to measure their hair length daily, curly hair might throw you a little surprise party! Even if your hair is super long, those curls can make it look way shorter.

But hey, here’s the sweet twist – short curly hair is just next-level adorable! Pop on a hairband or a cute clip, and you’ll instantly become the cutest thing in town!

8. It Looks Vintage 

Ever notice how the 80’s and 90’s were all about those fab celebs flaunting shoulder-length curly hair? Well, if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and wanna bring that retro vibe back, just curl up your hair and toss on some big, statement hoops – you’ll be taking all the right steps to channel that throwback glam!

9. Never Goes Out Of Style

Here’s a little secret: every celeb, at some point, falls in love with curls! And when they do, it’s like a magic wand waved over their look, giving it a touch of effortless charm. Once you embrace your own curls, you could become the next trendsetter!

10. Always Looks Cool

Have you ever noticed that some of the most badass characters in movies and TV shows are women with glorious curls? There’s something about them that screams confidence and self-assuredness, making people secretly wish they had the same vibe.

So, if you’re lucky enough to rock natural curls, put those straightening tools away! Instead, opt for natural products that’ll enhance it and let your hair flow.


Not many folks are completely thrilled with their own hair texture! It’s like that classic case of the grass always looking greener on the other side, right? However, thanks to tools and some cool DIY hair masks for curly hair, you can experiment with the look you want.

10 Reasons Why Curly Hair Is The New Neat