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40 Easy Step By Step Origami Tutorials For Kids

Here are 40 easy step by step origami tutorial for kids that your kids can start doing in no time. Origami crafts are fun, easy to make, and will not put a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for ways to strengthen your kid’s motor skills, origami crafts can help you do just that! Below is a list of origami flowers, origami stars, origami puppets, origami decorations, and other fun origami video tutorials.

These origami tutorials are easy to try and great to add to a list of indoor activities for your kids. I have tried some of these origami tutorials with my kids on several occasions and even my 7-year-old daughter found them interesting and fun to make. Go ahead and get some origami papers and let’s get this show on the road mommy!

40 Easy Step By Step Origami Tutorials For Kids

40 Easy Step By Step Origami Tutorials For Kids

To try the following origami crafts, you will need a few special tools such as a pack of assorted color origami papers, a paper trimmer or scissors, and a ruler. Those are the main essentials for making origamis but you may also sometimes require paper creasers, tape, strings, hole punch, and paper clips. Now that you know what you need to have handy, click on any of the links below to get to the tutorial!

Origami Ninja Star
Origami Corner Bookmarks
Mini Origami Presents
Origami Finger Puppets
Five-Point Star
Paper Origami Cubes
Origami Rings
Origami Woven Hearts
One-Minute Origami Rose
Origami Tulips
Kissing Lips Popup Origami
Origami Flower Bowl
Easy Origami Box
Easy Origami Bird Finger Puppet
Easy Origami Fish
Easy Origami Chicken
Easy Origami Llama
Jumping Frog
Cute Origami Horse
Origami Butterflies
Origami Elephants
Origami Mice
Origami Rabbits
Origami Dog
Origami Giraffe
Origami Crab
Origami Lion
Easy Origami Triceratops
Origami Slinky
3-D Paper Stars
Easy Origami Paper Crane Mobile
Origami Gift Box
Easy Origami Crown
Origami Pumpkins
Origami Witch
Origami Christmas Trees
Origami Santas
Origami Starburst Wreath
Origami Stars Garland
Valentine’s Origami Bat
3D Origami Hearts
Origami Easter Bunny Baskets

Origami is the act of folding paper to create shapes such as flowers, animals, stars, and other objects. When trying origami, try using original origami paper so that understanding and folding your patterns is easier. Although you can use any type of paper to make origami crafts, beginners and kids should use papers made especially for origami such as washi, Aizoma, or Chiyogami paper.


There you go! 40 easy step by step origami tutorials that you and your kids can try since you are all stuck at home! If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow me on Pinterest for more awesome posts. Until next time, please stay safe and awesome!